The floor crew completes many jobs, but first let me introduce the members of the crew: Liam, Edo, Carlisle, Jordan L. (That’s me.), and, last but not least, Mr. Dan. 
     Every morning, after breakfast, the floor crew eliminates harmful bacteria and dust that can cause a variety of illnesses. There are nine different components to this “wonderful” job. First, we split into two groups. Mr. Dan and Edo are one group, and Liam, Carlisle, and I are the second group. Mr. Kevin is his own group, and he cleans the bathroom. Group one takes the dining area, and group two takes the classroom. The first thing we do is sweep the floors, then we get down on our hands and knees and clean them with rags and steaming hot water. Once these tasks are complete, we take the chairs off the tables and wipe the tables down with clean rags.
     While the rest of us are doing all this, our lamp guy, Carlisle, takes the lamps that are low on kerosene outside into the cold weather, and refills them. Once he is finished with that, we carefully put two lamps on each of the desks in the classroom. 
      When Ms. Margaret, who is on the kitchen dish crew with Jacob and Joshua, has finished washing the lamp chimneys, we dry them and put them back on the lamps. One of us wipes down the chalkboard, and, last but not least, someone sweeps the floor mats.
     We are very fast, so all of this only takes about twenty minutes. When it’s all said and done, I think floor crew is the best crew and the fastest at germ killing overall!

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