At FMA we students have participated in various work chores. From the MST to logging at the Mitchell’s horse farm, they have each been a learning experience for us. We have each liked and disliked certain chores, and we have all had our favorites.

Cree’s favorite was going logging at the Mitchell’s horse farm to get wood for the kitchen stove and the furnace. He says that he liked it because it gave him a chance to get off campus, and he also like the logging work and building brush fires with Mr. Kevin. Myles’ favorite is the same as Cree’s, “Because I got to enjoy seeing different things and just doing different jobs off campus.” Jonny’s favorite might surprise some people, because he enjoyed working on the MST (Manure Scooper Troop) and collecting horse manure for the garden. He liked it because, “I got to go off campus, and I got to have a nice long ride in the country. I had a good time with Patrick and Mr. Mike and I got to sling manure which is always fun.” Patrick’s favorite job was mowing with the DR all-terrain mower because, “It is something I know how to do, and I know how to do it well.” Hope’s favorite was collecting buffalo berries at the beginning of the year, “Because it was fun to get to know everyone.” Chana’s favorite was working in the kitchen with Ms. Margaret because, “We had a lot of fun and always finished everything on time.” 

My personal favorite was when I got to build a bridge with Mr. Kevin, especially because I spent every day on that bridge until it was finished. It is my favorite because I got to learn how to build a bridge and how to cut down trees with a bow-saw and an axe.

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