Today I experienced a food called Hobo Eggs. When I took the first bite, it tasted like a normal piece of bread, but boy was I in for a surprise. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I began to experience the perfect combination of egg, bread, and butter, or as I now call it “the trifecta.” Not only was William able to create something this delicious, but he also had a substitute for anyone allergic to eggs. These fit into the middle of the bread, and I call them circlets. Of course being the thorough food critic I am, I tasted the substitution and it worked extremely well. I wonder how he cut the circlets to fit so well. Well anyway, overall I would give this meal four out of five stars.

     Today during dinner I contemplated bread and butter. It sounds simple, but really it is the most important part of the meal because it sets the mood. So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when I learned that both the bread and butter I was eating were homemade. As a butter connoisseur, I can tell you that what defines a good butter from a bad butter is the C.S.S. (cream, salt, and softness) ratio. A good butter had enough C.S.S. to flavor the bread without overpowering it. Overall I would say that FMA’s butter has a pretty good C.S.S. and has a little extra salt to prepare us for the power of the upcoming hearty meal.
     Today we had a delicious meal consisting of baked spaghetti. Now I personally like an easy to eat meal. Don’t get me wrong, I like acting like a high-class food snob as much as the next guy, but with my busy food tasting schedule, ease usually comes before my need to feel superior. So, I was extremely pleased to discover that the spaghetti had been pre-cut, which allowed me to eat it with my favorite utensil: the spoon. It was a killer meal, a world class food. But as I was eating away, I discovered I was getting too full to finish my meal. The policy at FMA is to eat all of the food you put on your plate, or Mr. K., the owner of the restaurant will increase your bill. So I scarfed down the food with my spoon, and I would say that FMA’s Food Finish Policy, or F.F.P. is a good way to prevent waste.

     Today, I ate a delicious chicken pot pie. It was truly amazing, and Brent had done everything to perfection. The crust crumbled in my mouth allowing for a perfect ratio between bite and crumble. It would have been a perfect meal, but the arugula in the salad was bitter and poisoned part of the bread on my plate. Being polite, I completed my meal with well-prepared bites to drown out the taste. I would say this meal was healthy, but could have used a little pre-tasting to avoid the overly strong salad.

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