FMA is a great environment for me. Work, study, and adventure are everything that I could ever want in a school. FMA teaches me lessons daily that I can put to use in my every day life. I can benefit from this experience in a lot of different ways. For example, learning first aid and how to build a stretcher or how to start a fire can help me a lot while in the field as well as at home. FMA has taught me never to take what I have for granted. Every lesson I learn and every skill I put to use can help me take another step toward having a successful life. The FMA classes have taught me way more than I learned in public school or even some of my old private schools. The teachers break it down until each student understands what we are learning about so no one gets left behind. The students are very supportive and helpful, and I know that if I ever had a problem or a questions that they would help me. Looking at the second year students and following in their footsteps can lead me to a successful year at FMA. Working out of my normal environment has helped me overcome a lot of struggles and fears that would have stopped me from wanting to learn or try, but Mr. Mike has encouraged me to keep pushing, and Ms. Margaret tells me that if I apply myself, I can overcome any obstacle in my path. I really appreciate how she has helped me. FMA is a great school, and I look forward to seeing what else this school has to offer.

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