Over the school year at FMA, we have watched movies almost every weekend. I have surveyed my fellow classmates and here are the three movies that emerged as the favorites.
The Patriot
The Patriot is a heart-warming movie, directed by and starring Mel Gibson, set during the Revolutionary War, which shows that sometimes freedom is worth the fight. Benjamin Martin, played by Gibson, tries to keep his family out of the war, but when his oldest son joins the militia, Martin gets dragged into the war trying to protect him. When one of his other sons is killed, Martin exacts revenge on the killer. This movie was chosen because it was a well-done war movie, and an enjoyable presentation of how our nation won its independence from England.
Cinderella Man
Cinderella Man is an inspiring movie that takes place during the great depression. James Braddock, the lead, is a boxer who risks life and limb to get to the top, so he can feed his family. This movie was chosen because it illustrates what a man could do, without breaking the law, when he becomes desperate enough.
Braveheart takes place in medieval times and is a realistic portrayal of the Scottish rebellion against British tyranny. William Wallace, the lead, played by Mel Gibson, exacts revenge upon the British for killing his wife, and oppressing his fellow countrymen. Some students loved this movie, because, well, they found Mel Gibson to be extremely attractive, while others chose it because it showed resistance to tyranny. The main reason it was chosen though, is because it had an exciting storyline.

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