While not everyone agreed, the following ideas were selected, through popular vote, by the students as the most important ideas learned at Freedom Mountain Academy this year.
     “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” —Jesus
     To truly better myself I have to know the truth about myself. This applies to habits I have developed, because if I don’t know the truth I will continue to be a “slave” to my bad habits. Once I confront the truth about my habits, I can “set myself free of them.”
     The Six Stoic Virtues:
     My word is my bond.
     I limit my desires.
     I practice thrift.
     I practice non-complaint.
     I practice mercy.
     We learned the Stoic virtues in History class, and after pondering them I have found that they have a quality I find appealing. If I practice these virtues, life’s problems won’t seem so large anymore. If I limit my desires and practice thrift, right there my financial problems are solved. If I practice mercy, I won’t hold grudges against people I don’t like. If I seek good hard work and practice non-complaint, then my work will not be something I try to avoid. These ideas will help me in life, and keep me from getting into trouble.
     The Virtue of Detachment
     This is a simple yet powerful idea. It teaches me not to react or talk back immediately after something is said or done to me that I don’t like. Using detachment I can learn to restrain myself by first acknowledging how I feel, instead of trying to deny it, by asking myself, “What do I feel about this,” and “What do I want to do?” After accepting how I feel and what I want to do in the moment, I discipline myself to ask, “Is it right,” “Will it help anyone,” and “Is it the best that I can do?” If the answer to any of these questions is no, I must choose to do something else. Using this virtue will help me overcome the temptation to engage in impulsive reactions and will help me avoid conflict.

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