The food here is healthy and organic. It comes from the garden and the farm animals up the hill. I was not a big fan of the food during the first week I was here, especially the quinoa, which I thought was rice. “Looks like rice, probably tastes like it…” I thought, so I put more on my plate than I desired, and that day we had to make sure our plates were spotless. I looked across the table at my sister, and when she looked back at me, we had to keep ourselves from bursting out laughing, because she had taken even more than I had. Holding my breath would not help at all.

However, during the following weeks, especially the night before expedition when we had delicious hot dogs, and the feast after the expedition, the food has been great. My favorite so far has been the hot dogs, followed by the tacos/burritos we had on October 19.

I’m really hoping the food stays this good.

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