I had eaten lentils and rice for almost a week. I had become tired of oatmeal. The salami and cheese combo was getting old. Then I arrived back at the FMA lodge from expedition in eager anticipation.

I had checked in all my gear, had taken a shower, and had read my mail. Then it was 5:00, and I was in line, grace had been said, and it was time to eat. The menu was parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, and fruit salad: enough to make anyone’s mouth water!

It was the first real, hot, home-cooked meal I had eaten in days, and it was almost decadent. Ms. Margaret and Mr. Frank did a wonderful job of making an excellent welcome home meal.

The chicken was cooked superbly, the mashed potatoes were delightful, the green beans were tender, the biscuits were baked to perfection, and the fruit salad was the ultimate combination of fruits. When all these elements came together it created a gorgeous symphony of flavors. It was great.

The luxury of coming back to this meal after six days in the woods was fantastic. I think I will go back for more.

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