While I stay put at Freedom Mountain Academy and progress through the levels by meeting various and assorted goals laid out by the staff, a sudden realization swept through me. Here at FMA there are no electronics (i.e. cell phones or computers) to occupy my time. So, pretty soon, the hours and then the days begin to drag. That is why I have constructed a list of four activities to keep myself and future students from thinking of interesting and superb ways to escape.

  • Write letters. Indeed, you will continue to ponder what is going on at home or with your friends. You can’t text, or facebook, or call. How will you contact them? On a sheet of paper, write what you want the person to know and put it in an envelope, write their address on it, put a stamp on it, put it in the outbound mail box, and it will be taken directly to them. Amazing, right?
  • Read books. As much as you hated reading them in grade school, if you give a book a chance it can be a great experience. Books can vary in size, weight, color, and content. First, pick the type of book you would like to read, and then head over to the FMA library. They have hundreds of books with a smart range of categories.
  • Busy yourself with schoolwork and farm work. Really put full effort into the work FMA provides. It makes you smarter and stronger. The more you actually put into it, the more you begin to realize that you don’t actually need a cell phone or a computer.
  • Try to enjoy yourself. As hard is it may seem to enjoy yourself, if you try you will soon discover there are enjoyable things here. For example, the food here is incredibly delicious, and you get to eat it three times a day. Sometimes, even more.

As you can see, as terrible as it is to be away from electronics, there are other things in life that can occupy your time. Give it a try. You may like it.

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