We keep pretty busy at FMA with classes and work chores, but my classmates and I still have a fair amount of free time to use as we see fit. Here are some ways I spend my time when I’m not working or studying.

I enjoy many things, ranging from reading to playing board games. If time doesn’t allow a game to happen, sometimes I start on my homework or have interesting conversations with my classmates on topics as varied as politics, religion, or just stories from people’s lives.

On Sundays, if I’m not working in the kitchen, a game of Risk until breakfast might be how I start my day. After breakfast there is always time to toss the football or kick around the soccer ball. Now that I’m at Level Two, I can also play a game of basketball or take a walk down to the pond.

As I get better at managing my time and getting my work done, I’m finding I have more time to enjoy myself, and my choices keep expanding.

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