At Freedom Mountain Academy we have worked on our future goals and plans. For this article, I interviewed each student about his plans immediately after leaving FMA as well as his long terms plans.

Over the summer, Joshua will be going to a church camp in Tennessee and plans to visit Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, GA. In the future he wants to study animation and possibly engineering. He hopes to move to Japan and get a job, before moving back to Tennessee and possibly joining the Navy.

Jordan plans to go to a college in either California or Arizona. He hopes to move out of the country, become a chef, and open a pie shop in Norway.

Jacob hopes to attend Emory & Henry College in the fall where he will study art and perhaps pursue a double major in writing. He describes his art as “The innermost expression of me projected on the page without boundaries.”

Mitch plans to go back to his hometown to look at colleges out-of-state. He hopes to get a job with Konami Card Company working in logistics.

I plan to complete a course for directors at the New York Film Academy over the summer, seeking to become a filmmaker working on horror films. Ultimately I plan to do the year round program there.

Liam plans to go back to his hometown of Boulder, CO and attend a private high school. He is thinking about joining a junior ski patrol and hopes to make his living on skis.

Aiden is planning to do six weeks of volunteer work in Brazil where he hopes to become fluent in Portuguese. In the fall he plans to go to Rutgers University in New Jersey to study business management and finance.

Ralph plans to start his own boxing gym called My Gym, Inc. His plans also include buying out Apple and taking over Microsoft.

Carlisle plans to go to WyoTech to become an automotive technician.

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