As our time at FMA comes to a close I decided it would be a good idea to find out where all my classmates planned to go, what they planned to do and see, and generally what they’re thinking.

Chana plans to earn money this summer by walking her neighbor’s dog. She doesn’t plan to apply for college yet. Hope plans to graduate from school early and then study zoology or marine biology. She also wants to build a house of her own, climb Mt. Everest, and discover a new frontier. This summer, Jonny will be working with a neighbor doing any jobs that need doing, from fixing a conveyor belt to repairing a sink. He plans to continue his home-schooling and help fix his Grandma’s kitchen. He will also be working with one of his brothers mowing lawns to gain experience so he can start his own lawn service. Joseph is going on to college but is first going to visit some more campuses with his father. He is also planning to take some summer classes at Miami Dade College. Myles wants to apply to college for auto tech, specifically to work on diesel engines. Then he wants to get work at a shop and eventually start his own. Cree will be driving across country before moving to Australia to work. While in Australia he will be studying in various fields, including geology, medical technician, and farm veterinarian. When he has saved enough money he will return home to the U.S. and buy a ranch and board his mother’s horses and other people’s horses. 

I plan on heading back into karate, working in construction, opening a small engine repair shop, and continue my knife smithing. I will also work at my parent’s hardware store, find a good working truck, take a year off from school, become manager of a catering business that a friend of mine owns, go to college for auto mechanics and eventually I will own my own business, or multiple businesses. 

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