Freedom Mountain Academy: Gap Year

DSC_3291While Freedom Mountain Academy offers a rigorous experience for high-school students, our unique work/study/adventure program is also ideal as a gap year for students who have not yet decided on their next step into college. Ready to take a step away from the “grind” of school, some students can benefit greatly from a year in a new environment. At Freedom Mountain Academy they will increase their self-awareness, expand their comfort zones, and re-awaken and nourish that sense of  potential so vital to the college experience.



DSC_3572Freedom Mountain Academy’s campus is also a working farm. Students care for the dairy cows that provide the milk they drink and the chickens that produce the eggs they eat. They split the wood that warms them and fuels the antique wood-burning stove on which they cook their meals. They plant and harvest the large organic garden that feeds them. All of this increases their appreciation of their individual roles in their surroundings, while educating them on self-sufficiency and the importance of organically produced local food.

FINALE1_5Classes in history, science, literature, grammar, etymology, business math, and creative writing, are augmented by exposure to and discussion of ideas which lead to a successful and harmonious relationship with the world around them. Classes are conducted in blocks from morning through early evening, with large breaks of time for chores, meals, socializing, music, studying, writing letters, or resting.

Students enrolled in our boarding school spend 6 days each month engaged in wilderness training. Backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail, the Iron Mountain Trail, and into the Gentry Falls wilderness area provide adventurous young adults, with a tremendous opportunity to experience self-reliance in a new way, while dramatically increasing their appreciation of the natural environment.


An Environment Like No Other

FINALE2_10The environment at Freedom Mountain Academy is designed to provide students with an entirely new way of interacting with the world. The large rustic lodge is situated on 60 acres of farmland and forest. Students learn to live without electricity, and accompanying electronic devices such as mp3 players, phones, and computer games. FMA students live in a quieter lamp-lit world, reading, playing musical instruments, studying, and talking face-to-face. While the campus is equipped with the latest technology, students live in a rustic lodge lit by kerosene lamps, where cooking and heating are done with wood. Computers, cellphones, iPods, etc are all off-limits. The clutter and diversions of the modern world are removed during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.