As I’m writing about my future, it makes sense to explain a little about myself first.

Ever since I was a young child I have loved art in all its forms, from anime and manga to Leonardo Da Vinci, and from modern music to Beethoven. I asked my Mom once what kind of living I might be able to make as an artist, and she told me that, in truth, I might make very little money, and that I might consider just making it a hobby. So, while it remained a hobby, I began to think of my future in different terms, most recently contemplating becoming an English language teacher in Japan. The truth, however, is that I wasn’t following my dreams.

This year, my freshmen year, my eyes have been opened to all the different ways I could use art to make a living, from photography to clothing design.

So, I have decided to become a fashion designer, focusing on what I love most which is costume design for what is known as “cosplay,” or performance art using costumes to create real or imaginary characters.

In this way I can fulfill my desires and aspirations to live a life full of art and to be myself. My clothing designs, my art, and my writing will reflect my desire to be true to myself. My goal to be a designer may be difficult to achieve and to maintain, but I will. I will begin by finishing high school and then heading to college to learn more about myself and the many ways I can express who I am and what is important to me through art.

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