Hey! How’s it goin’? Ya’ know, goals are very important in life because in order to “live” you gotta have ‘em. At least, that’s my philosophy. Mine might not be that important to you, but guess what? I’m gonna tell you anyway! Ha ha!

Well, my first goal in life is, of course, to get a job. You know how our parents are always saying, “Do you have the money?” if we ever wanted to do something, and then we would always have to say, “no.” Things like that really ticked me off.

Then, when I get out of high school, I will go to University of South Carolina, where I will study Zoology and major in English. I hope to play football for USC and be the best linebacker they ever had. While in college I would like to get a job as a bouncer to pay for it. I would try to stay in college for the four years but you know… I would try!

After I graduate, I want to meet the girl of my dreams, get married, have two kids and get a job as a gym teacher/football coach.

Then, I could live a happy life, and die a happy man.

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