Leaving for winter break was one thing, but coming back was quite another. I left home for FMA on Monday, and, almost immediately, I was overwhelmed by my conflicting feelings. It felt as though I had just arrived home and now I was being pulled away again. I didn’t know which way to go; I knew I had to come back to FMA, but the pain of leaving seemed like too much. I tried to push myself and do what I knew was right, but all the great memories of being at home made it difficult. 
     I finally released my tight hold on staying at home and left for the airport, where I arrived with a heavy heart. I knew I had to leave my parents, sisters, and friends once again. I walked up the ramp and said goodbye, and then walked on through security and to my gate with an apathetic attitude. 
     As the plane took off, I watched through the window as Colorado drifted away under the oncoming clouds. I began to reflect on my family, and my values, and I realized that the best thing for me was to return to FMA and do my best for the rest of the year while overcoming my fears and all the other challenges along the way.
     I had to run to my next flight, and before I knew it, I was landing in Tri-Cities. The wind was blowing hard, and gusts of snow hit me as I stepped off the little plane. I saw Carlisle, Jordan, Jacob, and Mr. Kevin looking for me, and the smiles on their faces when they saw me lifted my spirits. At that point I could not wait to get back to the school and eat the warm spaghetti waiting for us. 
     My attitude had already shifted, and I wanted to make this next term ten times better than the last. This journey was a necessary reflection on my attitude toward “the big three,” and it gave me the motivation to drive forward and face the obstacles ahead.

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