Work chores, as unpleasant as that may sound, can actually be fun. Yes, fun – even though I have sometimes thought they are cruel and unusual because we aren’t being paid for our “back breaking” labor. Work chores did not seem fun to me at first, but as long as I’m not the guy who is picking up cow patties or cleaning the bathroom they are okay. But, hey, even those who clean up manure can enjoy themselves and have fun on the job – really.
     My favorite job is working with the wood and the fun tools, e.g. splitting mauls, sledgehammers, wedges, hatchets, machetes, and the good old ax. I think splitting wood is the best work chore. I find it relaxing, thrilling, entertaining, and definitely tiring. It’s a very good workout, and I find it best to split wood when I am angry, because, with every swing, I can slowly feel myself starting to calm down.
     Even though work chores may sound like a pain, they are preparing us for the future. And we can easily find them enjoyable, whether we are on kitchen crew, floor crew, farm crew, or dish crew. Whether I am digging post holes, gathering wood, helping out in the woodshed, working in the garden, or any other chore, it’s up to me to make it fun.

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