Gossip, what a concept! It’s terrible; it’s hurtful, and it’s low. Talking about other people, I’ve learned, is extremely mean, because it’s almost never something nice. If you have something good to say about people, you just go up to them and say it instead of talking about them behind their backs.

Recently I have seen first hand the negative outcome of gossip. I chose to engage in gossip because I thought bringing others down would somehow lift me higher. I thought using other people as a target would make me more popular. But talking about other people will never be without a consequence. By trying to tear others down, I only brought myself down. I’m not any higher up on “the staircase” after pushing someone else off. All I get is the consequence of knowing that I hurt others who had never been anything but nice to me by spreading rumors that I knew weren’t true. I learned that I had hurt the confidence of people who had been bravely working to build it up, and I deserve the consequence of losing their trust.

Knowing this, I have to chosen to prove myself, even if others have already forgiven me, because I owe it to them and to myself. It’s part of the Ten Commandments; “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Like all human beings, I make mistakes, and I learn that all choices have consequences. To be a better person it’s essential for me to learn from my choices because that’s how I will grow. What I learned from this experience is that the person I hurt the most was myself, because this is not the character I want to have. Life is funny sometimes. It gives me what I ask for whether I want it or not or even know I am asking for it. This time I asked for the wrong thing, but, if I learn from this lesson, life gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it.

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