Returning from Christmas break, I recalled what this place had been like when I first arrived in September. Instead of a massive class of nineteen students, I returned this year to a class of eight. Adapting to this was not difficult, as everyone was quickly introduced to life on the farm with no electricity.
Then the first expedition came. My tent partner, Jacob, was so excited to be going camping, but his views changed later that night as a downpour of rain swept through our camp. We struggled to get a fire going, but eventually we succeeded. That expedition was a good start for the year, even if I did have to push Jessie up a couple of those hills. Each and every one of us was glad to get back to the lodge and get some home-cooked parmesan chicken. As each expedition passed, I could feel my legs getting stronger, and my various tent partners have said the same.
Now we’re back from Christmas break. I was anxious to see how everyone turned out after having been gone for two weeks. Well, three of us didn’t return, but we got a new student named Chandler.
On the January expedition, I also realized that Christmas break had been too nice to some of us, and we were out of shape. But we quickly got back into the swing of things.
All in all, I think we are all getting back into the lifestyle of FMA, even if some of us have had to start over from square one. In my experience I’ve found that each time I fall, I just get back up and go again; go further and do it better than ever. I think it’s safe to say we are all learning to do that more and more as we grow.

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