MEIDINGER_AHabits are like a cable that contains myriad threads that bind. They are created when we repeat a thought or action every day, making it stronger and stronger until it is almost “unthinkably capable,” or, in other words, like muscle memory. When we create a bad habit, we need to replace the threads of the “cable” with the continuous repetition of the thoughts and actions that will allow us to build a new better habit. Horace Mann taught that habit is like a cable, and we weave a thread of it every day until it becomes so strong it is very difficult to break.

This year, all of us have developed a habit or two that has made us stronger in some way, whether mental or physical.

During this year I have taken it upon myself, with the help of others, to develop a habit of controlling my anger and overcoming my impulses so they will not get the better of me. I have developed a set of mental tools that help me if I begin to get frustrated. So far, I have been doing better. I just need to keep working at it, because that is all it takes in the end.

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