When I came here this year I brought three habits, which I am working to replace.

One of them is coming to snap opinions before I hear all of what is being said. Let’s just say it’s not working well for me. It’s holding me back from making plans for the future, and it’s holding me back from being a better, stronger me. I want to replace it with the habit of being open minded, and I will develop this by actually stopping to listen to what is being said.

Another habit is sharing too much information about myself. Sharing too much can do more damage than good for me. This habit has seriously held me back from people really getting to know me through what I do rather than all that I say. I will replace this habit by sharing only what is necessary, and I will develop it by letting people get to know me by how I act, rather than by what I say.

The third habit I came here with is a habit of mental unwillingness. I may do as I am told, but I do it unwillingly. It’s holding me back from doing work with the best of, or all of, my ability. I will replace this habit by telling myself in the face of something I don’t want, “Stop. Breathe. You can do this. The world will not end.” This will allow me to give my all even if the job or assignment isn’t my favorite thing to do.

In all of this awareness and effort, recognizing and working on these habits, is the promise of growth – the promise of becoming more than the old Taylor who didn’t care or who didn’t want to do what was needed. I’m changing. My goal is close, and it’s getting closer.

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