Like everyone, I have my share of bad habits that cause me problems. Some of them have followed me to Freedom Mountain Academy.     The first bad habit that is causing me problems is getting my homework done. It’s been a huge problem since first grade. If I can change this habit I can really improve my future. My teacher, with great concern, said “In order to break a habit you must take an action, and do the opposite of what your bad habit is.” While I didn’t immediately take an action, I’m going to work on it. I’m going to get my work in on time by setting up a time every day to do it. Right now, telling others to do their homework is hypocritical and wrong. However, when I put all my will power into my homework, I can say without being a hypocrite, “Do your homework!”
    Getting up on time. Oh, what a problem. I used to think I was good at getting up on time, but when I came to FMA, I was shocked to find out I had to wake up and be at class at 6:10 a.m. I flipped out. It turned out that I was good at it, and I got up and got to class on time. My biggest problem though is when I am on morning kitchen crew, and have to be in the kitchen at 4:30 a.m. I have had a hard time with it. So far my latest wake up was 5:30 a.m., an hour late, and I raced out of bed, got dressed extremely fast, and headed for the kitchen. It wasn’t a good start to the day, and it wasn’t a great day as a result. I know I have the will power to get up on time, but I chose to fall back asleep instead. I will not make that choice again, and once I break that habit, I will master the kitchen!
     Another thing that has been a problem is keeping my room tidy. I have failed room inspection a few times. I know that I can keep my room clean, and my actions will prove it. Breaking this habit will help me keep my room clean at home, and it will help keep my surroundings tidy, which will also help me move up in the world.
     Now, I have told you about some of my habits and the problems they have caused me. I know that if you share any of my habits, you can take the right actions just like I’m preparing to do to improve my future.

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