The wrinkled, shrunken faces of the pumpkins stare back at me through the window. Each face different from the next, some with angry eyes and others with big, toothy grins.

This year’s celebration of Halloween was nothing like what we usually experience. There were no vampires, ghosts, or skeletons hanging from the walls or peeking from the windows. No multitudes of little monsters ringing the doorbell asking for candy. Instead of the pagan originated festivals, we enjoyed more natural, autumnal activities.

We started the day like any other; history class, breakfast, morning chores, morning classes and afternoon work chores, followed, of course, by supper. After supper, though, we were surprised with a little Halloween fun. We drew names and went one by one to choose a pumpkin from the collection that had been brought inside. From there we were given knives to carve whatever we desired on them.

Some people put a lot of effort into it, knowing it was a contest, and that the # 1 prize was a coveted 2-hour time slip. Carvings varied from bats, funny faces, to a big HELP ME! Sign. Instead of asking for candy, when Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Mike’s children, dressed as cowboys and a cowgirl, came down, they treated us to some candy corn and chocolate.

When everyone had finished carving pumpkins, we lit candles inside them and put them on display.

After cleaning up we were given deliciously messy candy apples and cupcakes. We hung out in the common room with our friends and that basically ended our Halloween night!

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