I am a student at Freedom Mountain Academy who recently experienced a new way of living. The whole class of FMA-XII just harvested chickens for a week. By doing so, we helped prepare for winter. 

The procedure consisted of de-heading the chickens, followed by feather plucking and using wax to help remove the pinfeathers. When the chickens were ready they were brought to the slaughter room where three of us finished the process by cleaning, cutting, and bagging the meat. I spent most of my time in the slaughter room cutting chickens into pieces of appropriate size for eating. Meanwhile most of the other students worked outside under the clear autumn sky, many with mixed feelings about what they were doing. 

For one week, from 12:40 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., during afternoon work chores, we processed 64 chickens. This procedure showed me that eating meat is not just about going to the store to buy it. I also learned what chicken body parts look and feel like. Although it was pretty gross, I know that it had to be done in order to enjoy the fresh meat on my plate.

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