After more than three months away, I was excited about Christmas break with my family, pets, television, radio, and the big one…noise, and lots of it!
I was also nervous about how my family would expect me to act, and if they would be watching for change. I didn’t know if I would be acting differently without even noticing it, and, if so, would they like it? Could I meet their expectations?
These questions and thoughts were on my mind through the whole visit.
I really enjoyed the family time, holiday traditions, all the comforts of home, and, yes, even the noise. I realized how much some people and things, really mean to me.
I had a goal, a commitment I had made to myself, to treat my parents with respect and maturity, and to show my siblings patience and a good example through my actions and choices. I found myself making choices that I thought would make my parents proud, and
throughout the visit, I found myself talking about and applying what I had learned at FMA to my home life.
When returning to FMA, I was actually nervous. I didn’t know who would come back, or what stories would be told about who did what over break. Had I changed over the two weeks?
These turned out to be pointless questions for countless reasons, because once I was back at FMA, my thoughts were on my family, and how I missed them even more this time than when I first arrived. Although I was quickly and easily back into the routine of FMA, my thoughts were always of home. It’s like the quote, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”
Since I’ve been back at FMA, I have loved seeing all the instructors and the students. I have enjoyed getting back into chores and school. The challenging parts were being self-disciplined, managing my time well, and developing the perseverance to overcome adversity, like winter expedition, and conflict. It was also challenging to remain determined to developing my character to become more mature, honest and responsible, and to maintain the willingness to make good choices so I can make a future for myself that will truly be what I want.

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