Honor is important to me because if I’m honorable I have a sense of satisfaction that I’ve done right. Honor is doing right, no matter if anyone is looking or not. When I’m honorable I stand for right, and I cannot be corrupted. 
     Awhile back there was a guy who was taunting me, just for the heck of it. I could have responded in kind, but lashing out would cause me to do wrong. 
The other option was to try and get to know this guy better, which would either invite more taunting or possibly create a friend. As it turned out, we are now almost like brothers. 
     Being honorable can create friends, but sometimes it makes people angry or scornful. But doing the right thing is not about people saying, “Oooh, look at what he just did.” Its about knowing that being dishonorable will always cause people to view me badly, but that being honorable will make others see that they can trust me and take me at my word, and that feels good.

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