So, how do I maintain my happiness when I am happy?

I don’t bother myself with others’ gossip. Those are just ignorant words that make me dislike the person I am gossiping about even more.
I maintain a smile when I can.
I keep my space clutter free. When my space is messed up, I feel crowded and like I might have to go back and clean it later.
I like to do a five minute meditation to clear my mind. It’s not necessary, but it helps get me away from all the things that crowd my mind and to be at peace.
I try to be willing to learn and accept change at all times, but not to change if it is not in my best interest. I look at the whole picture and weigh the benefits.

I help all I can, even if it’s for an enemy, or if I’m being forced to. It lifts my conscience.
I try to be as nice as I can. I don’t hold my mind on things like grudges.
I think before vocalizing. It makes my words more efficient, and I realize that what I might have said, may have made me sound ignorant.
I keep an open mind to life, because I never know what is coming, and it’s nice to be prepared.

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