To pack your pack you first make sure it is empty, so you don’t accidentally take something you don’t need or won’t use. It will add more weight.

First, pack your sleeping back tight in the stuff-sack, and then strap it to the outside of your pack. Then pack your clothing bag with what clothes you need (depending on the season) and always take at least six pairs of socks. This all goes in the bottom of your pack. The next item to pack is your “billy can” and ”billy cup” for cooking and eating. Next is your food bag, inside of which are honey, peanut butter, granola, gorp, salami, cheese, super fudge, hot chocolate, and bread. Next you pack your rain gear (pants, coat, and poncho) near the top so you can get to it if it starts raining.

On the outside of your pack, you also strap your tent, and then finally your sleeping pad which goes on top.

In the outside pockets you put your first aid kit, matches, candle, strike pad, and flashlight. You can also pack extra things if you want, but everything adds weight, so only take what you need and what you will use.

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