Adversity is important to me because it illuminates who I truly am by showing me what I am able and unable to do. Without a challenge I would be nowhere because without a challenge there is no learning.

Not that long ago, on Expedition Two to be exact, I was going to rappel quickly down a small drop off. As soon as I got to the top however, I thought fearfully “Oh God, please let me live!” I was challenged by life and had the urge to back off; however, I never back down from a challenge, whether from hard-headedness or determination, I don’t know. After I completed the descent and was at the bottom, I thought to myself, “Man, that was actually doggone fun,” and I did it again. Without the challenge, I probably would never have rappelled in my life.

Another time, again on Expedition Two, I needed to build a fire in the dark and rain. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but then I found some coals left over from the night before. It took a long while, doing all the stacking of twigs and blowing and stacking and blowing, (I’m pretty sure I hyperventilated at one point during all that.) but even though it was difficult, when the fire was burning, I learned that even in bad conditions I could overcome my doubts and accomplish something.

The point is that difficulties truly show a person his/her capabilities. A little difficulty here and there can be a healthy thing. If I didn’t have challenges to test me, I might think I knew everything. Hogwash! Without challenges I would never learn anything.

One Response to Idea of the Month: Adversity by Isaac S.

  1. John says:

    Isaac, we are so proud of you! It sounds like you are having more than just an adventure, you are learning about the strengths God put in you.
    Love, John and Sue Honan

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