“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”—Matthew 7:12

     When I treat others how I would like to be treated my world becomes more harmonious. I will go far in life if I remember to treat people this way, and I will have more friendships. When I treat others badly, I expect the same in return. In the Bible, Matthew states that we should always treat other people in a way we would want them to treat us. If I want to be treated in a good and respectful way, then I need to treat others in a good and respectful way.
     It never feels good to me to be treated with disrespect or hurt, and I doubt if it’s a good feeling for anyone else. If I am rude or I say hurtful things to another person, I am asking to be treated badly.
     I know I want to be respected, and I know I want people to be honest with me. I have to give in order to get, so when I am honest and respectful I can expect the same.
     Sometimes I say things I don’t mean, or things I would never want someone to say to me.
     Every time I am about to say or do something, without thinking about it, I really need to stop and think to myself “How I would feel if I were the person in front of me?”
     This quote is sometimes misunderstood by people who think it has something to do with revenge, and that it means I should do something to another person if they do it to me. But if someone breaks my arm, and I break his arm in return, all I’m asking for is another broken arm. Don’t take this quote to mean payback, instead think about how to treat people in a good way.
     When I feel good about the way I am acting toward other people, I will feel good about myself. I will also be treated better by other people. No matter where I am or what I am doing it is important to me to live in harmony, and that begins with me.

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