I started writing my article about a flowery quote and a hopeful message, but what’s the point in that?

I tried again, writing about a dazzling yet unrealistic idea meant to make your heart melt and tears fall. But again, what’s the point?

How many times in life have I awoken in the morning hoping that it might be the last time? That just maybe the silence would envelop me so there would be no need to face the day with false charisma and a smile?

If you haven’t already figured this out, I had some serious issues deciding what to write about. I wanted this to be honest, contemplative, and worth reading, but getting something down that applied wholeheartedly was really difficult. 

So, I went with the basics: “Life is difficult.”

Here at FMA I’m reading a book by M. Scott Peck called The Road Less Traveled, in which the very first line is, “Life is difficult.”

Before going into more profound ideas about love, religion, philosophy, etc… wouldn’t it be nice to start from the beginning and comprehend that life isn’t always going to be what I want it to be? Life isn’t always beautiful, and no one ever has or ever will offer any guarantees.

Every single day is chock full of difficult circumstances and hardships. It’s how I choose to handle them that makes me who I am. 

Knowing the truth about this allows me to transcend it, meaning that as soon as I come to understand and accept that life is difficult, then life is no longer difficult. Being alive is a series of complex issues, and whether or not I would like to whine about them or try to solve them is up to me. This idea is important to me because facing the circumstances of life will require me to prepare myself well, and the more prepared I am the more powerful I become.

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