It was almost 7:15 a.m., and History class was almost over. Just before we got up to take our notebooks back to our rooms and line up for breakfast, Mr. Kevin started lecturing on the stagnation of today’s teenagers.
My first thought on hearing this was, “Sure…whatever…” but throughout the day, this idea kept digging it’s way into my brain. I began asking myself questions like, “Am I stagnant?” and, “Can I change?”
Later that night I was lying in bed reading. I had homework to do: a five-step on today’s quote, and a journal entry for the morning meeting, but instead of doing either of these things, I was filling my head with tragic, unrealistic, trashy literature. I began thinking and thinking and came to the horrid realization: “I am stagnating!”
Recognizing this, I discarded the book I was reading, and decided to try and let these things become a part of my neurological system: I will not be an unmoving person. I will no longer engage in idiotic antics. I am done with stealing and lying. I will use my intelligence. I will stop being ungrateful.
I will approach things with an open mind.
Since then, I’ve been turning in all of my homework, reading non-trashy books, and I’m even studying for the SAT.
Thank you, Mr. Kevin for opening my eyes.

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