It was the beginning of Ms. Margaret’s class, and she was writing something lightly on the board, while the people around me whispered quietly to one another.

When she stepped away from the board, I could see what she had written; a quote by Horace:

“Adversity introduces a man to himself.”

This resonated through me.

“Is this why I’m here?” I thought to myself. “To learn about myself?”

My parents had told me that they were sending me here to be “taught lessons” they were incapable of teaching. Why did it have to be adversity? Why can’t we learn from simple brain power? Because that would be too easy?

Since I’ve been here, I’ve faced adversity, but until now I thought all it was teaching me was about pain. But I want to know myself. Maybe I can learn more from this adversity. Maybe I can learn about my strength. My durability. My charisma.

If adversity introduces a man to himself, I’m ready to meet me.

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