There is a seed of motivation that has been planted and is slowly growing in the form of change. I have been looking back at the past few months and can see a difference in how I and other people are starting to perceive things. The way we look at challenges or changes, and the way many of us have stopped the patterns of behavior that have been holding us back.

We watched a documentary the other night about an expedition in the Antarctic aboard the ship The Endurance. The men aboard this ship had slowly made their way to Antarctica, but when The Endurance was first caught by the ice, and then slowly crushed, the expedition became a fight for survival. This was not a story of suffering, but rather a story of motivation and determination, and this determination transformed it into an inspiring true story of adventure.

At FMA, everyone is showing more motivation and more imagination, and increasingly we are seeing things from a different perspective. With the few months we have left together I hope to see this continue. We have been through some challenging times as we have learned new ways of being together in this community. Let’s finish it off in special ways. Call me crazy, but let’s make these last eight weeks count. Let’s make them resonate with meaning. Let’s read poems to each other. Let’s look at the stars and trace the patterns. Let’s take pictures and examine them as memories. Let’s act out plays, and make hats and necklaces to sell to one another. Let’s write stories and enjoy the splendor or each other’s company and inspire each other with new ideas.

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