I believe that our natural human state is to be peaceful, loving, kind, thoughtful and understanding. So why do some of us keep going back to hating or picking on people for no reason? This isn’t true of all people, but sometimes it seems that for many of us, it’s our thing.

What I’ve learned is that what you practice for long enough, will be what you become. So, sometimes, in an effort to make people like us, we stray from our own true nature, but in not staying true to ourselves, we are sacrificing our own ability to feel good about ourselves. When I am true to my nature, I feel better. I feel clear about whom I am meant to be, which is how I think all of us should feel.

I have the power over my attitude toward myself, and the people and world around me. What I do is all a result of my attitudes, and I hope to remain true to myself, so I can continue to live in my natural human state.

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