I must use detachment to achieve what I want in life. Although I use detachment daily, the more often I use it, the better off I am. How detachment affects my life is directly proportional to how much and how often I let emotions translate into physical action or speech. As James Allen states, “We each have the sole jurisdiction over our actions and circumstances.” He who is most skilled at using detachment, even if only in the moment between emotion and action, has the greatest control of his life.
As detachment goes, this guy is a pro.
At separating emotion from action, everyone else is below.
Some things tickle his nerves.
He just steps back and observes.
Under pressure, unreasoned action is the vice to beat.
Impulse must never be put in the driver’s seat.
I’m trying to write a poem,
But Liam is talking to Zippy.
If it weren’t for detachment,
Things could get messy quickly.

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