There are some things that come easily to people, and some things that don’t. But there is a reason that I keep getting out of bed in the morning, and that reason is simple. I’m worth it. Here is another part of that, and I’ll tie it all together: forgiveness.
     It’s funny, really, that these two ideas are what I’m choosing to write about, because while I may not have thought about them much before, I have found that they are what I need most.
     It’s not that I’m particularly awful, ugly, or unintelligent. Sure, I’ve made mistakes, and maybe I’m not a genius, but there is this thing about me which others find difficult to accept, and I’m working to understand and accept it for myself.
     I’m not asking for forgiveness from anyone else; I’m learning to forgive myself.
     Every day I work very very hard to tell myself I am worthy. It’s hard for me to do this sometimes because of mistakes I’ve made in the past, and that’s where forgiveness comes in. The truth is, I am the only one I know for sure I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, so it would be a good thing to love and cherish my inner self, my accomplishments, and my talents. 
     This doesn’t mean I’m “letting myself off the hook,” but merely that there are some things I cannot change, and it would be better for me to move on. I am learning to forgive myself because I am learning to truly understand that I’m worth it. 
     What about you? What did you do today?

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