For the past couple of weeks our morning meeting has been dedicated to possibility thinking. We have been going over the eight steps to replacing an attitude of impossibility with one of possibility. Although each and every step has its own significance, for me two of them have really stood out. Step number one tells me “I must remove my disadvantage complex.” A disadvantage complex is the belief that I am at a disadvantage due to a set of circumstances outside of my control. This step is pertinent to me because I must focus on the ways that I can do things, and not on the ways I can’t. Overcoming my disadvantage complexes will help me to achieve the goals I have set for myself and will make me stronger. 
The second most pertinent step for me is step number two: “Develop the habit of recognizing and responding to the smallest trickle of positivism that might leak into my mind.” This step is just as valuable as the first one because without positivity I have a negative attitude that is only going to take away from the experience at hand. Finding positivity in my surroundings will help me be more confident and determined in the face of any challenge placed in front of me. 
Using these steps to my advantage will benefit me in the future. Possibility thinking is the mindset I will need to use to help me solve the problems I might face in the world. The best way for me to start using these ideas is to apply them to the smaller issues I am encountering in my life – once I master those I will move on to the bigger, more difficult challenges and overcome them, too.

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