I never used to think about meditating, but I saw Sean and Paul sitting outside doing it and that sparked my interest. I talked to Paul about it and he brought up some of its good aspects, so I asked him to walk me through meditating. I feel as though meditating does relax me, and it helps me to get rid of unwanted stress.

Meditating is when I close my eyes and mind of all thoughts and concentrate on one thing. For me, I hold a flame in my mind and focus all my energies into it. There is also an open-eye method, where I pick something out and stare at it and hold it in my thoughts.I focus on how beautiful it is. Those are just a couple of the ways I have learned to meditate.

The good thing about meditating is that it helps me clear my mind of things that make it hard to think straight. When I meditate, I think about the good and not the bad. It puts me in a more peaceful frame of mind, so it’s easier for me to do things like sleep, relax and rest.
I can meditate anytime and anywhere. Meditation is a state of mind and my mind can never be taken away from me unless I let it, so the ability to meditate is always with me. In the middle of a field, on the subway, in an office, or lying in my bed, my mind is with me, so I still have the power of meditation.
It is easy for me to meditate. All I have to do is find a comfortable position. Then I close my eyes or concentrate on an object. I relax my mind and just let it flow where it wants to go, then I slowly clear my mind and get rid of all the clutter. When I find peace of mind, I gently hold on to it, and try not to force it, because peace is not force.

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