Coming back from the expedition, we crossed the six-acre pasture at the back of the FMA property. As I walked, I appreciated the view of the grassy field, the woods in the distance, and the mountains in the background. I snapped a picture as I walked, because I thought it was pretty. I didn’t think much about it until later.

     When I was looking at the picture a few days later, I saw it differently.
     The field of grass came to represent opportunity. The opportunity to imagine and create goals at a young age is endless. Anything is possible.

     The woods in the distance came to represent the choices I make to find the path to my goals. The path is there, but I have to find it.
     The mountains represented the struggles and hardships on the path to my goal. I will have to climb over many obstacles on the way to achieving what I want.
     A grassy field, woods in the distance, and mountains on the horizon – a pretty picture became, for me, a realization about my future.

3 Responses to It Occurred to Me Later by Brent B.

  1. okaymom says:

    this is a monumental movement from my son. i wouldn't have heard these words from him two months ago. this is so beautifully written that if i didn't see brent's name on it with my own two eyes i never would have believed this is coming from my child. i am overjoyed with his progress.

  2. wow brent.. i never thought this was like you and its good 🙂 the way it was written, i hadn't known it would be you from like 4 years ago. it is really really good. i love the picture

  3. Karen says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL, Brent! It's amazing how the beauty of nature and new surroundings make you see life thru different eyes. Love you! Karen

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