I was relishing the excellence of the food I had prepared earlier in the day when I was struck by an epiphany. In that moment, I realized that without Kitchen Crew, FMA would close down completely. This crew, which consists of me (and some other people), is the force that keeps the school going. We are, in fact, responsible for the survival of the entire group.
On Kitchen Crew we very generously supply all of the much-needed food to the staff and students alike. We do this, expecting nothing in return, because we are very kind-hearted people. But what people may not realize is the basic necessity of the work we accomplish.
Dr. D. Baumann, a doctor with both an M.D. and a PhD., currently teaching at Cambridge University, had this to say. “Contrary to what some believe, humans need food in order to maintain their survival, and without it we would, in fact, perish.” So it is a scientific fact, as you can clearly see, that the work we do in the kitchen is absolutely essential for the survival of everyone at FMA.
It is not that I’m in any way, shape, or form arrogant about my role here at FMA, it’s just that I now have a clearer understanding of what I do, and what the other crews don’t do. We stabilize and nurse the spirit and sustain life at FMA, while the other guys help clean up dirt and whatnot. While it is important to recognize them for their “work,” we must always remember where the real legwork is done and where it really counts: Kitchen Crew.

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