Every day I spend in the kitchen is a wonderful experience, and each day increases my skills. I didn’t really enjoy cooking awhile back, but now it’s like second nature to me. How I fell in love with it is a totally different story.

When I came to FMA and learned I was going to be on kitchen crew, I was a little worried about waking up at 4:30 a.m. on the days I was cooking breakfast. I managed to get through it, but then I fell back into my old habit of waking up late.

Wow, what trouble that got me into. When I would wake up and get to the kitchen late, I would get fired for that time period. It was horrible, but I still got to work in the kitchen later that same day, but as I would show up late more and more often, I started to get fired for the whole day. I kept getting upset at whoever fired me, until I realized that if I wanted to stay in the kitchen I had to earn the opportunity through my actions.

I started waking up early, but I didn’t want to succeed in the kitchen as much as I really should have. I would mess up the meals and the instructors would have to cook for me, and I know they didn’t like it. It got so I was ashamed to even cook. Knowing this, I changed my whole attitude toward cooking.

Now I am doing much better. I get up on time, and I have demonstrated my new attitude by paying attention to what I am doing and cooking some delicious meals. I came back to settle the score and overcame the attitude that was leading me to failure. I have left my old habits and will master the kitchen.

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