At FMA, Kitchen Crew is responsible for several things: cooking yummy meals over a cast-iron wood stove starting at 4:30 a.m., cleaning up after meals, putting out hot drinks, and having fun. It’s really simple and enjoyable.

A day in the kitchen starts with getting the fire going, starting the tea, setting the table, and food preparation. In my opinion, preparing food is the most enjoyable part. Just be careful not to over salt the food because once it’s in, its not coming out! After meals, comes clean-up, which consists of wiping the counters and surfaces, as well as the condiments. Next is the floor, first sweeping then hand-mopping with a white rag—never a green one. It’s important to be careful when washing under the sink so you don’t hit your head.

There are advantages and disadvantages to kitchen crew. Disadvantages would be getting burned on the stove, getting up at 4:30 a.m., and missing Mr. Kevin’s History class. There are more advantages though. I love getting recognition from my peers, getting out of work chores, and learning how to cook more foods. Kitchen Crew can be a blast!

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