Here at FMA, I’ve learned and changed a lot. I’ve changed from a young, loud, obnoxious teenager who doesn’t’ care into a young man walking into adulthood.

Leaving this place is going to be extremely hard because of all the great knowledge I have picked up. I am so thankful for Ms. Margaret, Mr. Mike, and Mr. Kevin. If it weren’t for these people, I would never have changed into the human being that I am. The way they helped me change was either kindly telling me, “You need to rise above,” or sometimes more strongly, “Get your head on straight!” They’ve worked to get through my tough skull, and even though I’ve gotten mad at them, or showed a bad attitude, I am truly grateful for them.

I am also grateful for Ms. Margaret for not giving up on me and helping be believe in myself. I am going to miss her the most out of everybody.

This place is always going to be special to me. I will always picture the wild turkeys in the snow, and the sun rising and setting in the great Tennessee sky. I am really going to miss this place. Thank you for everything.

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