The transition from having my iPod to going without one, and having no electricity at all wasn’t very hard for me because I had just gotten that iPod for the plane trip here, and I had not had a phone for about a month. While I’ve been here, I’ve barely thought about using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I think this is because while at FMA, there is no time for these things, because the time that I have for myself, not doing work-chores or schoolwork, is spent writing letters to family and friends, relaxing, or doing homework. I think the first couple of days were the hardest because I thought that this school year was going to be the longest one of my life, but once I started going with the flow, it became a lot easier and more fun. One thing that has been hard is waking up around 5:30 a.m., because I am a very deep sleeper, and since I can’t sleep with my headphones and iPod on my desk to use as an alarm, I’ve had to get used to waking up for class without a loud alarm from my iPod. Overall it hasn’t been that hard for me to transition from being able to use electronics and electricity, to not having them at hand.

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