Here at FMA, we live a totally different lifestyle. Not in such a way that we are astounded by what we see and do, at this boarding school, but mainly by what we experience and learn here.

Here, we do things the “old-fashioned” way. Among many other things, we use a wood cook stove, and nearly everything we eat is homemade. But the biggest difference for the residents of FMA is NO electricity!

So, you’re probably wondering how we see in the dark around here, huh? We have kerosene lamps. They are supplied in each of the rooms, on the classroom tables, in the kitchen, and bathrooms.

From my experience here, I have learned a lot about not being able to use electricity and not having the advantage of having actual light bulbs and switches to turn on lights. It was overwhelming at first, but you get used to it.

I went around the campus and got some responses from some of the other students here on how their day-to-day lives have changed by being here and not using electricity.

“You find out what you really need and the luxuries you don’t need.”–Sofia Candel

“I think my eyesight has become stronger.”–Jamie Arnel

“It is a lot harder to read.”–Garrett Crispin

“You find more time to think; it’s quite relaxing.”–Jose De la Cruz

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