From having a cell-phone in hand 24/7, always using electricity, and having access to my electronic devices, such as video games, computer, hair-dryer, hair-straightener, iPod, Mp3 player, etc., to having them all taken away, was extremely hard.
     But, I am happy to say that going day to day without them is getting easier. At first I couldn’t stand not having my cell-phone or my hair-straightener, and I thought I was going to go crazy. Now, with each day that passes, it gets easier and easier. My hair-straightener isn’t a big deal anymore. I’m doing fine without it. What do you know, my hair is healthy! On the other hand, not having my cell-phone still gets to me every once in awhile because I want to talk to a friend or somebody I miss.

    I’m beginning to realize this life without electricity isn’t so bad. Not having electricity has shown me that there is more to life than just sitting on my fanny watching TV, or texting away.

    There are so many different enjoyable things I can do without electronics. I can learn to play a musical instrument, improve my knowledge by reading more books, or write letters to family and friends. (And it’s always an enjoyable thing to get a letter in return…)
     So, maybe you should try going without electricity for awhile – try living without your TV, cell-phone, hair products, computer, and video games for a week or two. Learn to live with a wood stove and kerosene lamps, and tell me how it is for you. You might see that there’s more to life than just the electronics we shove in our faces every single day. It’s not a healthy thing.

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