“Real generosity to the future consists in giving all to what is present.”—Albert Camus

I cannot impact my future by daydreaming, but rather by doing. The time I spend daydreaming leaves less time for me to act. When I dream of or wish for something, I also have to work for it. It doesn’t just happen. It is my willingness to give my all today to what I want tomorrow that will actually earn it.

I can see all that I want spread out before me, the path widening in every direction. I see that with the determination within me, I can achieve it all. Even faced with the harsh aspects of life, I won’t falter. My relationships also thrive in the environment where I never miss the opportunity to cherish dearly all those I love. Most of all I see the wounds of the past healing, the future sky clearing, the black clouds floating away, giving a ray of hope and a new beginning.

As I get to know my dreams better, I also know what steps I need to take to achieve them. With all of this, I look to my family – my lifeline and my support. I will show them that I care, and I will honor them by being open to suggestions, by being more open about my thoughts and desires for my life and future when I talk with them, and even by watching football during the season. Not only do I have a biological family, but also I am lucky enough to have others who are my family, too – a group of people brought together through love and life. All my life I have avoided “strings;” my motto was “no strings attached.” But now I’ve thrown that off the face of my world.

I seek a world where I am surrounded by love with the freedom of choice and the freedom to guide my present toward the future I desire. But that will only happen when I make the decision to live today with all that I have. I am loved, and the people who love me want me to have a future not stuck in the clouds above my head, but spread out before me.

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