Before I came to FMA, my attitude toward the future was an apathetic one. I did not care what I would be doing as long as I lived in Northern California, had a car, a house, and enough money for food and gas. I had no intention of going to college or obtaining any further education after high school. I was ignorant and thought I had enough life experience and emotional maturity to move forward in my life and into the professional world.

In the six months I’ve been at FMA, my previous attitude toward my own future has changed gradually but drastically. Since returning from winter break, I have been focused on doing my independent study work, staying on top of all my FMA work, and studying for both the ACT and the SAT. I’ve been focusing on finishing high school, writing my college admission essay, and completing applications for college. The process can be stressful and tedious, and sometimes I want to give up entirely, but I know that going to college and getting a degree will brighten my future and open more doors for me.

My outlook on the future is definitely different from what it was when I first arrived at FMA on September 8th and has certainly changed for the better. I was not excited for the future when I came here, but now I am ready to face it head on, to excel, and to project myself into a great life. My changes in attitude were not all my doing – many people have influenced me to begin making different choices, among them my parents, my sister, and my teachers at FMA. I am very thankful to have these people in my life working with me, and I’m very grateful for the change in attitude this work has provided.

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