It is that time again. The evening literature period is over, and Mr. Mike is standing by the back table. The students are eagerly waiting. It is time to get the mail. Everyone cranes their necks to see if there is a package. There are quiet murmurs. If there is a package, Mr. Mike calls out the recipient’s name, and they open it together while the others stand by trying to discern what is inside.

“Will there be anything for me?” I have to wait until the large packages are opened, and then Mr. Mike hands out the letters.

Here at FMA, mail, even more than the bi-monthly phone call, is the best way to communicate with home. As a teenager, I am used to instant contact via texts, email, and Facebook. “It takes four days for a letter to arrive?!” This is a foreign concept to the majority of the younger population.

That being said, we all enjoy it. There is such simple joy in getting communication you can actually hold. It is almost like unwrapping a gift. It is fun to send letters and even more so to receive them. The message inside the letter typically means more as well, in the absence of LOL and TTFN. The messages are heartfelt. If you send a letter, it will most likely be over a week before you receive a reply, and that eliminates the fluff of texts and email in which you can send whatever you want to whoever you want whenever you want.

Receiving mail is fun – it is so enjoyable to receive a hand-drawn picture, or a hand-written note, or (even more exciting) a package! Personally, I could never get too much mail.

Mail’s here!

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